The Team

Let us know more about you, your scope of practice and your current place of practice.

If you’re studying – share your year of program, current position and experience and future plans.

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3 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Completed MMed Surgery 2011
    Aspire to become a Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Currently working with the Christchurch Orthopaedic department New Zealand
    Will be returning to Fiji February 2013 to help take Fiji Orthopaedics in a forward direction
    Die Hard Highlander and All Black supporter!!!

  2. Bula everyone. I have completed my MMED in Surgery same as Vaigalo in December, 2011. My ambition is to further my training in the field of vascular surgery and i would dearly love to take up a fellowship on this. I am currently working as part of the General Surgical team at Palmerston North hospital and i will be gin back to Fiji in January, 2013. My vision is to frist and foremostbe a good general surgeon and also to enhance the field of vascular surgery in Fiji. The scope for vascular surgery in Fiji is immense and i would lov to be the person to help fill this void.
    I am hoping that in the coming years i am able to enroll into a vascular training programme or do i fellowship to make my dream a reality.

  3. G’day folks.
    MMed 3. Currently enjoying the rolling city of not your church RAJEEV 🙂
    COhristchurch is a great learning experience. Good team and teachers. If you get the chance, do come over.Doing general surgery here and its a great place to learn new skills and other aspects of surgery. Cold becomes your friend 🙂 tremors every now and then…
    Hope to see everyone in Tonga. Till then study hard, Colin start your research and all the best for 2012

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